Lawn Care in Ennis MT

Ennis Lawn Care Services

Keeping a lush, green lawn is difficult even when we have unlimited time. Unfortunately, the vast majority of property owners have nowhere near the requisite amount of time needed to properly care for a yard. When residents and business owners of Ennis want a premium lawn but don’t have the time to invest, they call Nature’s Beauty Landscaping. We offer a team of experienced professionals who are able to provide top tier lawn care every time.

Our Comprehensive Lawn Care Services

  • Overseeding; adding a new mix of seeds to a lawn can prevent weed growth and encourage thicker, greener grass.
  • Pest and disease control; brown patches of grass can be a sign of disease or pest invasion. If you are seeing brown patches or rotting wood in your yard then it may be time to call your local yard professionals.
  • Grass cutting; we offer regular scheduled, as well as one time grass cutting services.
  • Weed trimming and removal; like our grass cutting services, we offer scheduled weed trimming as well as one time weed removal.
  • Fertilization and aeration; proper aeration and fertilization are key to promoting grass growth. Our high quality fertilizer and aerating techniques allow us to make your lawn thicker and healthier.

The Best Lawns in the Neighborhood

When Ennis residents and business owners need their lawns taken care of by an outside entity, Nature’s Beauty Landscaping is the first call they make. Our professional team is able to provide extensive care that will consistently improve the aesthetic of your lawn.

If you are an Ennis resident or business owner and your lawn could use some care, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help schedule an appointment.