Whether you are looking for maintenance on your garden or to create a new garden, Nature's Beauty Landscaping is your premier choice in the Billings and Ennis areas. With decades of experience in garden design and planting techniques, your new landscape is sure to exceed even your greatest dreams. We will work with you to plan and design your project then execute said plan on time and on budget. Our focus is creating your outdoor space efficiently with the best products on the market.


Are you looking to save time so you can spend more time enjoying your landscape with your family and friends? Are you wanting to save water and be more environmentally conscious? How about saving money on your water bills? Nature's Beauty Landscaping can help you achieve all of these goals and more by installing an irrigation system on your Billings or Ennis Area Property.

Landscape Design

Your home is supposed to be your castle; the place that you can go to just get away from the outside world for a little while and relax. But when you arrive home from a long day of work, are you happy to see your property when it first comes into view? Does your landscape enhance the first impression your property gives off, or does it just remind you that more needs to be done to make your house into a home?

Snow Removal

Protect your Billings business with experienced commercial snow removal services. Keeping your business property protected against “slip and fall” liability claims or the dangers of falling ice from rooftops are concerns that cannot be ignored when winter conditions get tough.

Landscaping Materials

Browse our online visual catalog of offered materials for your next landscaping project.

Lawn Care

Are you worried about the health and look of your lawn? Are you starting to see discoloration, empty patches or potential signs of pest damage? Nature's Beauty Landscaping is your full lawn care profession in Billings or Ennis areas to address all of these concerns and more. Our years of experience in lawn maintenance, lawn installation and lawn restoration have made us one of the top ranked lawn care companies in the Billings and Ennis areas.
We do it all!


When you want a new walkway, patio, terrace, or other hardscaping project, call Nature's Beauty Landscaping to design and install your new hardscape project. We specialize in all forms of hardscaping from simple garden steps to complex patio layouts. Whether you want brick, tile, natural stone, or basic pavers, we will talk with you to understand your vision then design and build the project to your exact specifications. Over the years, we have garnished a reputation as one of the foremost hardscaping experts in the Billings and Ennis experts.

Tree Service

Your property and your home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. For this reason and many more we know how important the maintenance and care of your trees truly are. For example, a weak limb on a tree near your house runs the risk of breaking, causing significant damage and potential injury to your family. A diseased tree can easily spread the infection to other plants and trees in your yard.


Do you want the thickest lawn and healthiest plants possible? Have you gone to the garden store and been overwhelmed by the variety and types of fertilizer available? Nature's Beauty Landscaping in the Billings and Ennis areas can help you make smart choices for your lawn and garden so it can flourish.
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